Change visiblilty of folders in world outline in runtime

Example, you enter a house. All the furnture is laid out in a folder in the world outline. I want several furnitue lay out variations for the same space. Each layout would have its own folder in the world outliner. Only one lay out would be visiable at a time.

I want to change the furniture layout at runtime. I thought an easy way to do this is to change the visibility of the layout folder in the world outliner.

Is this possible?

The person playing the ‘game’ can’t see the world outliner. In any event, the world outliner contains what is actually in the world, that it is purpose.

Typically, people use widgets to enable the player to do things like this:

Thats pretty cool but its not want im looking for.

I will clearify. The player has no control over the furnture layout. When the house is built the furniture layout, which each layout has its own folder in the world outliner, is choosen randomly. If i have 3 layouts for the same space i was thinking it would be see to have one folder visible and the other 2 hidden.

Is it possible to access the visiblity of a folder during runtime?

I don’t think you can do anything to the world outliner folders at runtime, it’s an editor construct. What you CAN do, is change the visibility of actors.

You can certainly group various actors in blueprint, and then make different groups visibile to the user, depending on what key they press, for instance.

Like that?

So I can switch between different versions of furniture using the O key:


Using a script like this:

If that’s the sort of thing you mean, just say, and I’ll give some more details.

Yes. That is what i was needing. I didn’t think about using a tmap.

I’m kinda leaning towards using sub levels and sub sub levels. So basicly a house would have many sublevels within it

I don’t think you can have sub-sub… :wink:

I did not think so either. I read you have manually load sub sub levels.