Change Visibility and scale of Mesh, works fine on Server but not clients.. How to fix?

Ok, this one has me stumped. I have a Basket which when you put Fibre in it the Fibre appears in the basket, the more you add to the basket the higher the pile of fiber in the basket. When run in the Editor as the Server this all works just fine. However when run as a client on a dedicated you see nothing. How do I get the client to reproduce the results from the dedicated server? As far as I can tell when you access the inventory all the code seems to run on the server, none of it on the client. It doesn’t update the Name on the client either. The fullness is a variable that should be replicated but How can I get the client to update the item ?

My Thanks in advance… I am sure it is something really stupidly simple that I am just missing…


Hey. You probably would want to use a rep notify variable for this:

That looks exactly like what I am looking for. Thank you!
Ok, I used the Repnotify, but the client never seemed to be updating, so I put a Force replicate now node on the server side code and ‘poof’ everything is working like I wanted it to. Thanks for pointing this out to me Mezzow!