Change View to Blueprint Camera

I have a camera in a blueprint that I want to look through. I have deleted the camera in my character blueprint and created this new camera. I do not want to lock it to my actor though, as it follows a path of its own. How can I, when I hit play, be looking through the view of my blueprint camera as it goes about its path?

I have the camera on the playingfield, but when I hit play I am looking through my character, not the placed camera.

You don’t need to remove camera from character (you will needed it later anyway ;]), you simply switch camera by changing view target:

Camera system in UE4 is actor focused, you pick so called view target actor and player controller ask that actor for camera position (in C++ via CalcCamera function) on every frame, by default actor picks world position of first found active camera component inside it self (yes camera component is pretty much a dummy), but some actors can have different behavior coded by overriding CalcCamera. Sadly you can’t override it in blueprints, you are forced play around with camera component… or else actor has it override it and ignored camera components, then you can’t do anything from blueprints.