Change Video Textures at runtime?

Hey there!
I am working on a Project where i wish to project several videos on different walls ( i know media framework is not fine yet but video playback is very important to me ) and everything works pretty fine except performance but thats another deal.
what i am aiming for is switching videos at runtime via umg or whatever ( i didnt have the breaking idea yet ). Best would be to kind of snap a video file in a umg placeholder which creates a material out of that and applies it to the surface at runtime. is there a way to score it or is this just not possible because you have to import the movie first?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english haha


You can control the MediaPlayer asset that is bound to the MediaTexture via Blueprint. There is a method called OpenUrl that you can use to open a different video file or URL. Check out the documentation for further details and come back here if you get stuck, thanks!