Change vehicle gears manual no work?

The gears of the vehicle no change if don’t is checked “Immediate”.

Help please.

Hi Hevedy,

This isn’t a bug with the system bug rather a need to set up the logic for when the gear needs to change.

You need to set a variable to feed the logic for when this needs to be passed to the gear to have it change. The “immediate” boolean is essentially telling the gear when it is okay to change. When it receives a “True” value it knows that it’s OK to change to the next gear.

Ok thanks, and with the nodes “Set Gear Up/Down” if i check the bools to true the gears up and the down set the gear to N all time, why ?

Still can’t figure out how SetGearUp and SetGearDown works and why it should be useful. Set Current Gear works only when immediate is true. This actually looks like bug, because SetGearUp changes gear to neutral and then it will not change it to next one.

anything on this ?

The Immediate bool is badly named if it is used for ‘is the gear change allowed’.
The gear change has a time value, such 0.5, and Immediate sounds like a bool for overriding use of the assigned time. The default of false seems to support that, as why would gear changing be disallowed by default?

It’s useful when you don’t want to create and set variable ‘MaxGear’ for each vehicle you add. After doing all setups, you must add MaxGear variable to be able to clamp between -1 and MaxGear, if you use Set Target Gear instead of SetGearUp and SetGearDown functions.

And SetGearUp and SetGearDown isn’t working atm idk why.