Change UV channel during gameplay

Hi everyone,

I’m deciding how to make the GUI.
The tappy chicken example changes the flash amount of the map inside the material to animate a “click” action over a button.
Now,i instead have 3 fixed textures that defines the behavior of a button: idle,mouse over,clicked
Since there are many buttons,each with 3 textures,i was wondering if there was an easier way than,let’s say,creating a sprite foreach texture.
So i was thinking about putting the 3 images into 1 single textures,and then switch between 3 different UV channels to change which part of it is shown.

Is there a way to change the UV channel inside the game in real time?

Thanks in advance.


I just found this helpful post on how to use only a part of the UV’s,it’s easier to understand than the tappy chicken example so i’m going to give this a shot.

Ok that method works like a charm,i’m gonna change the UV values instead of using multiple channels.

I’d like to leave here the question on how you can switch channles ingame anyway,thanks again.