Change user created widget palette category

Is there any way of changing what category my user created UMG widgets are put into in the UMG designer? If it’s not clear I’m talking about this:


Right now everything just shows up in the “User Created” category and it’s starting to get a bit unwieldy. I currently have 68 different widgets so when I want to add one to whatever widget I’m currently working on it can be a bit of a pain to find. Thanks.

After looking around at the engine source for a bit I figured it out. In the Hierarchy tab in the UMG designer click on the name of your widget and then over in the details panel where the name of the widgets usually are is a Category text box that you can use to set what category that widget shows up in.

Can you show a screenshot where that box is? Im using the following, but it does not work.

uhh, thank you. This is a horrible position for that category…

Here you go, you need to be in the Designer, not the Graph.