Change UMG text with triggervolume or volume...

I’m trying to do something that I feel should be simple…but I’m not proficient with UE4 to find the right way to do it.

I need to have a text (preferably in UMG) change depending on where my character is (aka different rooms/volumes),
like; you are now in room ‘Blue-102’ or ‘Red-301’… or something something…

Not sure how I should do this…without making X-amount of ‘unique’ BP’s for each separate UMG and/or volume…

Hey EvoHawke,

I’m prepared little demo for you. I hope helpful.

New Actor Blueprint (Prefix type custom Enum)

BP Details in Level


Set Room ID in Level BP


Thanks Sertac
Not quite what I had in mind, but it seems like a great way of going something like this without X-amount of BP’s…
Going to try and ‘fix’ a few of my other BP’s with something similar to this.

also… in the ‘Set Room ID in Level BP’ part of your demo

I did not quite get that to work, cant connect the ‘ForEatchLoop’ → ‘Prefix’
So I replaced the ‘Prefix-Byte’ with ‘Prefix-Text’ in the BP as a workaround

Prefix is custom Enum. But will work Prefix-Text.

Ah…thanks ^^

Do you have a clue how I could do something similar in the Widget-BP

I guess it involves casting…hm…is it possible to use the text generated by the ‘RoomArea’ BP to change text inside a Widget-BP text-box?

Same just set widget text instead of text rendrerer. Example. And your problem resolved don’t forget marked for the other people. If you do not know how it is done this link helpful.

Thanks a lot for the help

No problem EvoHawke. I hope helpful. Good luck!