Change Triggered Animation

Heyas… been diggomg around in this for a few hours - hoping someone can jumpstart me a bit… im trying to change the sounds dinos make when they attack and such… and ive tracked it down to the animation cue files that are triggered during animations… but i cant seem to find what triggers the animation to be played… i’ve created new animations and tied them to new cues with new sounds, but cant find where to change to the new animation… Can anyone point me in th right direction?

It depends upon the animation. To switch the animations for things like attacking and going unconscious (Pretty much anything for which there is a montage version), you will need to look into the Character_BP for the creature whose animations you want to switch to the ones with changed sounds. Be sure to use the search function (Simply typing anim or animation should make all the relevant things pop up). Some sounds, such as the sounds made when the creature is hurt or those of its footsteps, aren’t attached to any specific animations. To change those, you will also have to be looking at the creature’s Character_BP. But this time, search for “sound” instead. Well, technically searching isn’t required for either of those cases, but saves you the trouble of having to look for the relevant parts.

Now, for a few animations, such as the idle and moving animations, you will have to change those in the Anim Blueprint of the creature (Make sure that the creature you are modifying has the modified Anim Blueprint selected in its Character_BP). You will have to open the Asset Override Editor once inside the Anim Blueprint (It can be found under “Window”). Once it’s open, simply click on AnimGraph and all the files will appear for you to adjust.

Hope this helps!

Man! I can NOT believe I missed it… right there in the Character_BP! Thanks for the help! Thats what I was missing!