Change timeline VALUE in blueprint?

No, that’s not how you’d achieve it. Consider using the track value as Lerp’s alpha outside the timeline:


You can, of course, flip the values around or have them as variables so this becomes very flexible.


I´m using this TimeLine to make an effect with cameras by changing FOV, works fine by changing FOW from 90 to 40 back and fordward.

But question is… this value 40 I would like to make it configurable, is there a way to reference and edit this value inside blueprint? I checked several properties and none of them matches with my track or timeline.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t change the value itself (AFAIK), so I’d always have the timeline as going between 0 and 1. Take the output of that and multiply by some value (which you can create as a variable and edit per instance). So, if you set the multiplication value to 40 in one instance, then when the timeline outputs 1, the end result will be 40. In another instance if the multiplication is set to 5000, the end result will be 5000.

hmmm… interesting, i don´t know what “lerp” does but from your post I understand when value is 0 lerp will result 90, and when value is 1 lerp will result 40, is that right?

Precisely; also every value in between, controlled by the shape of the Timeline’s track.

Lerp = linear interpolation, a mouthful.

Nice, thanks pal.

(btw I was trying to translate what the hack lerp means haha, thanks for that)

You can’t change the value itself

I think so too, but you can load external curves. I was using this for fine-tuning spaceship engines performance profiles, serious business:


While the curve values are, indeed, fixed, loading up a different one changes the way the Timeline works.