Change third person camera location over time?

Hey Guys! I’m using the default third person template. I just want to move the camera from behind the player to side view location with a smooth transition.

I’m using a VinterpTo node with current camera world location and a side view location(also world location) denoted by an arrow component and then setting the camera world location to the resultant vector. What I’m getting is a pretty awkward location where I can’t even see the player and also the change is sudden.

How can I do it the best way so that the camera stays at a side view angle with a smooth transition.

Please help.

Thank You.

Hi ,

How do you have the vinterp set up?

@ This is how tried

Hi ,

Try following this tutorial Wes Bunn put together, it should help you get a good, smooth transition to a shoulder camera:

You can then take the data here and apply it to any number of camera views.