Change Theme of UE4


Don’t exist another theme for UE4 interface? Something more clean?


I’d love for a lighter theme, this one is simply too dark.

Why? i think darker themes are much better if you are working on PC for 3+ hours/day. I prefer fully black themes whenever possible, for me its much less pain for eyes.

Yes, I agree. I prefer dark themes, but what I’m talking is about the design of template, like icons for example. Unity is more clean and more pleasing to the eye.

I love this proposal:

I wish the UI wasted less space. It feels crowded at 1080p and lower, 1440p is where it feels comfortable.

Agreed! Would be cool if you do a plugin that allows for custom themes for the editor. The editor also definitely feels like something that requires two monitors to use.

It seems to be a very good addon to unreal editor to support multiple editor styles, your design looks nice and clean! I doubt if we can just use VS Styles ? anyone knows?

I made an attempt to make a modern theme, in part based on the screenshot thats shown above

It would be great if it was as neat as Blender!

Wow, This looks Really amazing, I am glad I decided to take a took again at this thread.
One Question, It is missing Slate Folder inside Content Folder. Do I really need that? (I Do have a slate folder inside the Content folder of my Engine but No Slate folder inside your Repository)