change the timeline reverse timerate?

How can i change the Reverse Time by Timeline Node?

I have a simple float timeline with 5 seconds. Wenn i stoped this(e.g. pressed/released button), the Reverse Time go 200% faster back.


Have you tried the Set Play Rate node?

To find a list of nodes to edit a timeline, right click on the blueprint field, un-check Context Sensitive in the top right of the blueprint actions window and type “timeline” into the search box.

Hope this at least points you in the right direction!

Hi Obsidiaguy thx for your answer.

Here my BP. I use the “Set Play Rate” and this works, but only at first time. :frowning:

Interesting, what if you set the “Set Play Rate” node after the mouse click event node connected to ‘Released’ and before the timeline? Would you need to also have a “Set Play Rate” to set the rate back to 1 after it reverses?

ah thank you it works fine :slight_smile: