Change the target area of an homing missile?

Is it possible to change the target area where a homing missile will hit a dino? it seem no matter where I aim on the dino, the rocket will always go for the middle body. I want to make a launcher that can target and hit where you aim, or atleast be able to change the area. for example, I want the missle to target the c_jaw that seem to be on more or less all dinos… maybe be able to add like different names of the jaw, like diplo, rex and most have c_jaw, but dinos like scorpion has upper_jaw … and raptor has Cnt_Jaw_JNT_SKL … so to make sure the projectile would give a headshot sort of speak, I would need to add these to the homing missile.

How would I go ahead and do something like this? I tried to look in Graph, but truth be told, I know nothing about Graph, and atleast I couldn’t find any info regarding where the projectile would hit. Looking through the blueprints did not give any answer to me eighter! So I am not even sure if it IS possible to change the target area…

Any suggestion??

I would think that “Homing Target Component” is the socket being targeted. I’d throw some break points in there and see what those variables are. Alternatively, you could run “Get Display Name” -> “Print String” off a few of those variables and see what pops up.

lol … I have no idea what you just said :smiley: … I have to knowledge of Graph at all sadly … I am trying to learn, but atm, it’s all just a wow, what? moment for me :frowning:

I did see the “Homing Target Component” but I can’t find info about what is does or anything… I will hang back a while more, and try to learn the Graph before I dwelve more into it…

Graphs are easy once you learn them. The arrows display the flow of logic. Each box is a function, going in order of the arrows (white). Variables will not have arrows (like Homing Target Component) but rather have a colored line that connects to a dot elsewhere. If you click (and hold) the blue dot from “Homing Target Component” then drag it to an open area, a list pops up. Type “Name” and you’ll see Display Name. Click that, then from that drag out and search for “Print String.” You’ll get it