Change the resolution of editor's viewport

The problem is simple and awkward at the same time. I want to change the resolution of editor’s viewport (from 1920х1080 to 1280x720 etc), but i haven’t find any settings or other ways to do it yet, despite a few days that I’ve spend on it already. I will be glad to any help

This way changes resolution only for game/simulate mode. Base viewport uses resolution from system (Windows)

Click on the settings drop-down menu (next to the marketplace icon), and select engine scalability settings. From here, you can select low, medium, high, epic, or cinematic resolutions. You can also adjust the res by sliding the resolution scale slider. I don’t know any way to explicitly tell the engine to have a 1280 res though.

Sorry, my gmail hasn’t been alerting me of new comments for some reason, so I’m reading this very late :frowning: . So you’re trying to change your computer’s resolution?

Or are you trying to change the editor resolution (like the blueprint screens, and all the screens that aren’t the level.

my engine scalability settings doesn’t have the same resolution slider, and it doesn’t let me adjust iit, how can i fix that??