Change the Interp to movement duration on a spawned actor

Hi, I have 3 spawned (boss) actors which are ping ponging with an interp to movement node at a duration of 10. When 1 of the spawned actors is destroyed I wish to “speed up” the remaining 2 actors by reducing their duration to 5.

I have this so far which is receiving a successful print string after the 1st actor is destroyed but the remaining 2 boss actors are not “speeding up”?

Running off event tick in game mode.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated!

Looks pretty good to me except for a few parts! You are only casting to the first boss in your array (boss #0) with your get function. Maybe try changing that from 0 to 1, or to 2, and see if your remaining boss speeds up. If that fixes it, you can make a for loop to repeat the process for both remaining bosses (have it loop through the entire array). If that doesn’t help, you may have to restart the function entirely on your bosses movement function with the update timer, instead of just updating the timer it uses.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I still couldn’t get it to work so as a test I set up an actor ping ponging 200 along Y at a duration of 10, then set up a key press to change the duration to 2.

The actor ping pong’s and the key press fires the print string with the 2.0 duration but the actors movement speed doesn’t change, wondering if it is a bug maybe. I’m working with 4.13.

Bump? 4.21 I still dont think there’s a way to adjust the duration of the interp. I’m trying to randomize speeds slightly between the spawns. Same results, will print that it has changed but visibly it has not.

Does anyone know of a way to change the Duration of InterpToMovement with blueprint nodes that will work?

This is my current solution. I was trying to add different duration choices on spawn for my enemies. I don’t know that its efficient but it’s doing what I need without errors.

I made a separate InterpToMovement component for each duration. I thought this might be useful to anyone trying to play with the idea of changing speeds on the fly.