Change the engine version of a project via command line?

I know that it’s possible to change the target engine version of a project via the launcher, or by right-clicking the .UProject file and selecting “Switch Unreal Engine version…” from the context menu.

Is there any way to call this functionality from the command line?

  • Solution 1: Make a script that calls ‘UnrealVersionSelector.exe /switchversion FOLDER_OF_THE_PROJECT’. This binary, on my installation is located in *C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\ *.
    The problem with this solution is it will pop-up the dialog to ask you which version you want to use.

  • Solution 2: Make a script that open your .uproject, change the line "EngineAssociation": "4.9" by the version you want, and then regenerate your project files using ‘UnrealVersionSelector.exe /projectfile FOLDER_OF_THE_PROJECT’. This solution doesn’t pop any dialog.


In case anybody was still wondering about this, after inspecting the code I see that there’s a switchversionsilent command which allows you to do this:

& 'C:\UnrealEngine-release\UnrealEngine-release\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealVersionSelector.exe' /switchversionsilent 'D:\Unreal Projects\<Project>.uproject' 'C:\UnrealEngine-release\UnrealEngine-release'