Change the default text color of Print String Node in BP

It’s totally nitpicking, but I was wondering if it’s possible to change the default color of the print string text when using the node? I normally use Print String to look for errors and I’d prefer it to default to red instead of the sky blue that it currently uses as default.

The option is right there on the PS collapsed node itself…
(Click on the down arrow to expand the node to full size)

I’m not asking how to change the color manually. lol. I’m asking how to permanently change the default color. So every time I place a node it’s red instead of blue so I can skip having to change the color every time.

The word permanently, knew there was something missing from your post… :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think its possible dude… Maybe try PM’ing Bruno Xavier or fpwong?

BTW: Does changing object collision channels make any difference here?..

I was afraid of that. It’s probably possible with C++ on an engine level. It’s just irritating to always have to change it once the print string is placed down. I hate the default blue.

Agree… Wishlist items, like being able to change the look, color and size of each BP node are long overdue. I don’t think Michael Noland or anyone at Epic has had time to look at it… An outside idea is to try some kind of Macro (if you’ve ever tried Windows Macro Utilities etc). They’re often hit and miss.

But if you can assign a keystroke combo that pastes in the BP copy / paste code for a Print-String in Red, it could work. Either that or use an advanced Macro Tool to record the entire process of picking a Print-String off the UE4 favorites menu and overriding the colors (splitting the color pins and fixing the RGB values). Its a hack I know, but it is possible, versus changing the fundamental behavior of a node…

As regards the other thread on Physics & Collision. Got it - You already tried everything I would have thought of including setting Query-only not physics + Ticking ‘Can Step On’ on the rubble etc…

That’s a good suggestion - using macros. I might look into it. I completely forgot you can copy and paste blueprint code in text form. Maybe I’ll just create a txt file with the code for the node in there :stuck_out_tongue:
As for the other thread, to be honest it’s been so long since I ran into that issue I don’t even remember the scenario in which I was trying to do that. lol. Some old, dropped project most likely.

It is very simple to change the default color but it would require that you rebuild the engine from source.
If you want to avoid rebuilding from source you could extend KismetSystemLibrary with your own custom versions of PrintString then all you had to do is add the source code to each new project you make. This is what I would do while giving it a shortcut.

Then there is the macro options like mentioned just be aware of the extra overhead of using a lot of macros in Blueprint if performance is important.

Ok thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I’m not yet a programmer - just starting to feel comfortable with BP - but it’s something I’ll keep in mind for later when I start to learn C++. Was just hoping that maybe it was a feature that was already implemented and I just didn’t know where to look.