Change the capsule component?

Hello guys , I"m just getting started with UE4 , and i was following these series of tutorials :
[link text][1]

but with a character that i made (lizard) and idle and walk animation that were made by me too.Basically, since i am just starting , i just want my character to be able to walk and collide with some static objects (rocks , bushes , etc.) , but since the default collision object is a capsule ,my lizard doesn’t fit in it and i cant change it , because as i have red the capsule is a part of Character.cpp (sorry if i am mistaken) and it cant be edited directly.

I think that if i can change the capsule to a rectangle , it’s going to be OK , but how to do that in the simplest possible way? Here is a "in game " screenshot.

I don’t want so much , right? :smiley: Just want something to cover the whole mesh.
Thanks anyone for the help.

Ok, so far as i understood i have that capsule because i have used a CharacterBluePrintClass, which if i understood correctly , inherits some properties from the Pawn class, which inherits from the Actor class(which is the hmm, “mother” of all) and somewhere it that classes is said that my root will be a capsule, am i right?If i am right can’t i go to the place in code where it said that it’s a capsule (in the pawn or actor class) and change it to , let’s say box? I have no idea how to do it , but i am willing to try.
So , then what"s the easiest solution? I saw there are a lot of other posts similar to that , but i didn’t see some concrete solution. :frowning:

Hi you found a solution?


I haven’t tested it but I suggest you to click the capsule, go to Details tab and find Collision Presets. There you can choose “NoCollision”, which should turn off all collisions for this inherited capsule (you can also change it to “Custom…” and set collisions yourself). After that you can add any new collision component you want (or many of them), change its size, rotate it and so on, completely ignoring the inherited one. Or at least I hope so. :wink:

PS I see you can also change the size of this inherited capsule (look for “Shape” in Details tab). That can be useful as well.

No Nox_A15… you solution doesn’t work AT ALL.

What can be done with your suggestion is only physics like hitting a ball with a punch. But when it comes to obstacles like wall or even the floor, then only root capsule is used and any other added collision is simply ignore.

Which means with your solution (by putting root capsule on no collision), the character will always fall no matter how many collision boxes you add… It’s a limitation on UE4.

I got amused reading your response with all winks and smily face you used… you realy think you’re an expert helping others… So please check your own proposed solution before!

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Hello Riad81,

You are of course right, this comment of mine, more than three years old now, is wrong. I don’t remember why I posted this suggestion, but probably at the time was working on something similar and thought that it would work. As I mentioned above, I never tested the idea (and you are right here too - I should have done that). For anyone looking for more information, people discuss this issue for example in this topic: Replacing capsule for non vertical character - C++ Programming - Unreal Engine Forums

As to the last paragraph, I never considered myself an expert. Also, I used only one emoticon in the whole post. What can I say, I was probably in a good mood three years ago. -wink-

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Hello ( sorry for the translation ), I had the idea that when the character was getting ready on the map, just change the orientation of the capsule. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the axis movements are all reversed afterwards. I hope that this will still have helped you. Goodbye:)