Change texture color on certain part of texture?

Hey everyone, so I was wondering if there was any way I could get the color code for a certain part of a texture and change the color of that part of the texture to another color code.
Please can someone let me know as this would be so useful to me, thank you!

Yes, but what part, what shape?

its a character drawing for a sprite and I want to change the colour of the headband of the character.

You need to make a texture which is black and white, which you can use as a mask to isolate that area.

It doesn’t matter which way round you have it ( B/W ).

Sorry I dont understand what you mean by masking and making the texture black and white. I have a colored texture of a character with a headband and I would like to change the colour of the headband that has a color code to another color code.

Do you want me to make a black and white version of my texture or something?

Can you give me some steps on what to do, it would be really useful thank you

Have a look here:

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Thank you! As I am not using a static mesh, what do I apply the material to?

The mesh your using. Texture mask goes in main material.

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im using sprites and flipbooks not meshes though

Everything for the material still applies. It’s the masking concept.

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okay thank you for the help