Change Text Position in UI Widget

I want to alter the x/y positions of text from my UI widget within BP. Can this be done? I could create a separate widget for the text and set the position of the widget but this causes another issue so prefer not to do it this way.

Do you need to do this very dynamically, so that the text can appear anywhere on the sceen to any position, or are you fine with a few preset locations which are chosen by the requirements you set (such as character facing to left/right, or other simple setups) ?

If the latter, I have done this by Widget Animations. Mke an animation for the text in widget blueprint, which has an offset for the transformation. When anther BP wants the text to move into that point, run that animation (which is just an offset for the location of the text) and boom here it goes.

This doesnt work if you want the text to be dynamically adjusted to +10z above the character though, for example.

Good idea, thanks. Yes was able to calculate an x co-ordinate and map it to the animation (set to 1 second) where I start the animation at a time thats matches the required x coordinate. I immediately pause the animation after the play animation node so it remains at that frame position I want.