Change Text on texture

Hi everyone. I am new in UE4 and i have material used texure as base color and i want delete the text in texture and write new text for example “Hello”. Any tipps please or tutorial.
( Texture in attachment)

From what I gather you want to achieve, you would have to modify the texture in an image editor like photoshop or gimp etc. You cannot really modify a texture within UE4.

there’s a text material in the engine already, you can make a copy of that and replace the texture’s in it with your own. then you can use in a widget blueprint.

This Foto is sign for Bus and when bus be driven then this sign should be changed automatically according to Bus Station. Is That possible in UE4? Thanks alot.

At the Learn Tab at Epic Launcher there is a sample project called “Blueprints”. In that project there is a floating box which opens and writes text which you can define in run-time if you wish. The key is to understand the material where there is a texture with each character you can use and as @IndieGameCove said above, you can replace those text characters by your own style in that texture.