Change specifically the players forward speed

I’m using the blueprint first person base template.

I’ve gotten to the point where I would like to change the characters forward movement by a certain amount, and backward movement by a certain amount while the player is sprinting. I know there’s a universal Max Speed variable I can play with, but I’d rather not change the players speed every time he changes directions, I’d rather change it once for both at the same time (when the player presses the sprint key).

Am I overlooking a variable? Do I need to play around with the template itself? (T.T)

Just create a float variable, call it something like “Speed Multiplier” add a value 1 as default then multiply it by the movement speed in your movement node setup. In your sprint button have it so when the button is pressed it sets its value to something like 1.5 then when released to 1.

How does that allow me to increase only the relative forward movement of my character?

You can do that by only adding it to your move forward event. If you don’t want to allow “sprint” for moving backwards (which generally is the same event as move forward) then make a branch to check the Axis Value of the “move forward” to ensure the Axis Value is >0, if it is then have it multiply your “Speed Multiplier” value to the speed and if it’s false then don’t multiply it.