Change simple value without inheritance

Hi all, noob alert, only started “trying” to mod ARK via the dev kit yesterday.

What I want to do is change the damage values of weapons.

What I don’t want to do is inherit each engram, weapon and weapon template. (getting there but a lot of work)

So the question is… what is the simplest way to change weapon damage (WeapRifle.Hit Damage) without inheriting and replacing the existing infrastructure?

Thanks a ton!

I’m pretty sure the lack of a response means “Sorry buddy, there is no easy way.”

So I’ve spent some more time creating subclassed weapons and templates but now I’m stuck as I can’t get them to appear in the fabricator. Do I really have to subclass the fabricator as well?

Boy, I’m currently thinking Hex editor or just waiting until there’s some C++ initialization hooks where we can change existing items without having to replace complete hierarchies.

So just to be clear… (And I hope I’m wrong)
Currently we can’t change an existing game item, we can only replace it which kicks off the snowball that requires everything touching the replaced object to be replaced as well?

You can try remapping a resource (in gamedata) if you are trying to replace an existing thing but otherwise yes you will need to duplicate the fabricator (can’t child it to do what you want - yet) go to its components, and open its primal inventory. In there you will find a list of items that can be crafted there. Be sure to update the required crafting inventory in your primal item BP as well.

You also need to specify the fabricator as a “structure to build” in the item itself. Depending on if you subclassed the fabricator or not, this could be different values.

Thanks for the responses guys. Hopefully we’ll get an easier way to configure the game rather than having to resort to actual modding to change basic values.