Change shaders directory

hello guys, i need some help, basically the same issue as here:

and since we know which the asnwerhube is a zombie or walking dead, then someone here know how i can change the director where unreal is saving it’s shaders?? i’m using a ssd 400 giga it’s eating too much like the first time i’ve open my project i had over 200 giga free space but after load some stuffs in the project which is being stored in the 4 tera secondary HD which have really a lot of space it started to eat like crazy my c: and from like 210 free space i have now only 153 O.O it eat like 50 giga just for shaders and to be fair i’m not loaded that too much stuffs, just some daz characters like 6 and a level demo from the market and the shader just become huge for so little, it’s really normal shaders eat that much space???

then going back anyone know how to change the path directory to change it to the secondary hd too?