change settings in kite demo?

downloaded the kite demo to see how good it was, but it looks really bad on my pc and I don’t know why, textures look like they are from 2000 or something

can you change the settings? im new to unreal etc…totally

I have a i7 4790k, 8gb memory and a gtx 980

many thanks

Go to “settings” (top bar from the viewport) and set the scalability settings to “epic” :slight_smile:

See this is how little I know about all of this ive never used any of this stuff before, when I downloaded the kite demo I go into the download folder and click the kite demo application and it opens in a big window, but there are no other options for anything, I downloaded the unreal engine so am I supposed to some how open the kite demo using the unreal engine launcher so I can change the settings?

sorry im 100% newbie


am I supposed somehow open the kited demo in unreal editor ? ive tried but the demo is basically like a game so wont open

anyone ? please help