Change session host on the fly

The only thing I could find about this was a 3 month old question that was unanswered (Change Session Host during Session if Host Disconnets - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums)

Also, my question is slightly different. I’m wanting to have it change hosts whenever I tell it to, such as if a client would make a better host than the current one, or just simply disconnects.

I can’t seem to find any functions like that. I’m looking for a seamless transition so the players won’t know the host disconnected, or I told the game to switch hosts. I want the map to continue as they were.

I’m posting this in the C++ section, because it looks like you can’t even name a session in BP, but I’m open to all methods.

UE4 does not support that, what you asking for part of what is known as “P2P” and it is yet to be implemented and it was on road map for long time now:

But not sure if it will do what you want to do,

I think it is possible to create less-seamless solutions, by createing new host and trying to restore as much data as possible from what client had, kind of like old CoD on consoles or Uncharted did when host left…

Restoring data that way, wouldn’t I have to have all connected clients on a load screen until it was sorted? I can’t just have UE4 change which client to replicate from?

What you are talking about is called host migration. Yes, you’d need some kind of screen up while the clients migrate to the new host. Host migration requires a bunch of work to determine who can host. For instance, many clients cannot connect to other clients due to NAT type.