Change Session Host during Session if Host Disconnets

Is it possible to change whom the session host is once they disconnect?

I’ve seen this in many games while in a ‘match lobby’ not usually during the match though. I’m aware it wouldn’t be seamless during a match, but would still be better than returning to main menu.
I’d like to switch it to the player with the lowest ping, although not necessary could be at random since ping would timeout after they left. Although I was thinking I could save and replicate the player that has the lowest average ping in a variable and set the listen server as that player.

Other Info:
Using Steam Subsystem,
All needed information is replicated.
Prefer answer in blueprints, but all answers are welcome.

UE4 does not support that, what you asking for part of what is known as “P2P” and it is yet to be implemented and it was on road map for long time now:

I think it is possible to create less-seamless solutions, by createing new host and trying to restore as much data as possible from what client had, kind of like old CoD on consoles or Uncharted did when host left…

You could run a separate dedicated server.