Change seat in car


I am trying to develop a game in Unreal Engine 4.27.
It will be in first person and I need to get the player character to be able to change to each seat of the car (including the seats at the back). This must all be done by button presses (w,a,s,d).
I would also like the movement to look at least semi-realistic (not just instantly teleporting to each seat)


Get the location of he seats in a variable and when the user presses the keys add an animation and use move component node

How exactly would I do this? The player starts in front seat but since the player starts on the triggervolume it moves me to the wrong seat (on button press) for some reason

Not the relative location.
Try world location.

I can’t see why there would be a difference… Its the triggervolume that is causing me problems though. Because I start the game in one of them

When I first start level it sometimes takes me to a completely different seat on button press and I have no idea why as I have not programmed it to do that

I would be interested in this also, but like in a Battlefield way, the player enters / exists vehicle with a single key like E (I have done this), but while inside the vehicle, the player could then press the F1, F2, F3, etc keys to change positions in vehicle if available and not currently occupied. Like if its a helicopter, changing from the pilot seat to a door gunner, or just someone at the door that can repair.

Disable the inputs if outside the car and enable the inputs if the player gets inside.