Change scale of grouped objects?

It seems impossible. Is it?

if you have a group you should be able to select the highest chain in the hierarchy and scale that one…

everything that is a child of it should scale with it.

make sure play mode isnt on… thats the only thing i know of that would stop that off the top of my head

I don’t see a group hierarchy in the world outliner when I group in the editor. It just selects them all when I click on one part of it and i can move them together but scaling with the scaling tool does nothing. Is there a hierarchy I’m not seeing?

AS @Bajungadustin said, but instead of using the gizmo for scaling, put the scale manually in the details panel. It worked for me, and I hope it works for you!

Drag an “Empty Actor” to the scene.
Set its location to 0, 0, 0
Click “DefaultSceneRoot” in the Details tab. Set “Mobility” to “Static”
In World Outliner you have to select everything in the scene except your Player. The easiest way to do this is filter by clicking ‘type’, that way the actor is top of the list. With everything select then right click and ‘attach’ to that empty actor.
Now when you adjust the scale and location of the empty actor it affects everything

Could this feature still be implemented? I’m in UE5 and it’s still annoying…

Yes the empty actor hack works. It pulls everything out of nicely organized folders and pukes it all together, it’s a pain in the butt remembering to change to static (selecting everything I want then realizing I forgot to set it to static so it doesn’t show up)…

Would be super cool if groups just scaled from the group pivot as one object…

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