Change scale of character or entire model uniformly


So i think i may have imported and built my entire UE4 project at the wrong scale and now when I am trying to add a player start I am presented with a " BAD SIZE" message. When I click play the character is starting from a different location.
If i move the player start upwards so it is not clashing with the collision the badsize goes away and when I click play it starts from the right location > begins to fall downwards > until it stops (on its feet) but it is still very high above the meshes.

Is there a way to scale the size of my character so you cannot tell I have modeled it at a smaller scale? Alternatively is there a way to uniformly scale everything in my level to bring it to the same scale as the player start?

I think it best if you work on the size of your character, less work that way. If you still have .max file of your character, you can try to change max file unit, import and then re-import into your project. Other way is just re-import fbx file, and there should be Import uniform scale setting in FBX Import Options that allow you to modify your character scale, just re-import it into the same location as your original character.


Im actually not using a physical character, just the “player start” so how would I scale that?

I am afraid I have really screwed this up. I have been looking at the “player Collision” and when I click on a mesh I sometimes get a flickering plane which takes up half of the screen like in the image below and then i move around or select a new mesh and it goes away.

When i move the player start high into the air and press play the character drops from the sky and falls but seems to land on something that is invisible so i am wondering if it is landing on the “planes” of player collision. If so i think im screwed…

Is there some way we could speak via IM of some sort? Skype? or something? then I could explain it better.

If you use default unreal character(the one epic give us in Third person template), then i think the main cause of your problem is going to be your model. If you didn’t scale those model inside your editor, you can just re-import them, after either modify inside .max or change Import uniform scale setting in FBX Import Options. It is gong to quite some work but it worth the effort in the long run.

In the case of your character drop from the sky and land on something invisible, i think it is some sort of collision, and again, i think it have something to do with your models. My advice is open each model and chech for collision.
You can also try to remove a model then play game, repeat it until you don’t have the same problem anymore to see which one is the cause…