Change rotation speed with UMG Slider?

So i’m pretty new to UE4, i created a level with a simple object spinning, with AddActorLocalRotation, i dont know if this is the correct way to rotate a object, at my blueprint you can see it rotates on its Y axis, and the speed is 1.0, is there any possible way to change this value with a UMG Slider, i wanted to create a little GUI with a slider that changes the speed of my object turning around, anyone that can help me?



if u made the slider add the value changed event then u can make somthing like this.

what u need is a reference to the widget, than you can bind the value changed event.
for the mouse coursor you need the player controller.

(im not using the levelblueprint, i have made an extra blueprint for the rotation item,
and the gui i created in the character.) if you’re wondering.