Change RGBA ColorTint level on dynamic material from another Blueprint

I have a skydome Blueprint in my level which has a dynamic material applied to it in its construction script and set up as a variable. (see image)

I had it set up and working great from my level blueprint (see image) so that as the player gets closer to an actor in the level (monolith) the skysphere changes colour by accessing the ColorTint parameter in the Skydome material (set up in the LevelBP as an instance) It changed the RGBA of ColorTint parameter using EventTick to update as the player gets closer.

I wanted to move all this into the actor blueprints instead so I can turn on and off the ticks and link it with some other stuff however I cannot work out how to access the colorTint variable in the skydomeBP from my other object BP

I have tried using ‘get all actors of class’ and ‘cast to’ to try and get hold of the dynamic material in the SkydomeBP that way but I don’t seem to be able to access the color tint/RGBA parameter. It looks like I can possibly get Scalar and vector but not RGBA. Then I am not sure how to go about updating this with a tick when I do get it.

So, How do I access and change the ColorTint parameter in a dynamic material from one blueprint to another using a tick?

And, do I just need the EventTick running in just the ObjectBP, the one doing the updating or do I also need a tick in the SkydomeBP where the material is updated?


Piccies are - The material setup in the skydome construction + How I had it working successfully in my levelBP

Like this:


what’s stopping you from doing that? ( kind of thing, I know it’s not the same actor type )

I got it working, not technically what I was thinking. I did not realize I could set up a dynamic material instance for another BP (skydome) from my object BP. After doing that I could easily access the parameter as a variable.

It did not technically answer my question/query as I was trying to change the material parameter in the skydome blueprint instead of setting it up and changing it within the object Blueprint. I tried the methods you posted but ‘Get Actor of Class’ would just not give me access to the RGBA parameter of the material set up in the other Blueprint. I could only access the Set Scalar and Vector parameter values.

Thanks anyway, your answer got me thinking in the right direction.