Change resolution

I am started some test with html5. I can play en firefox without problems, but the resolution is weird like 4:3 and need use scroll :confused:,

I did try to change the resolution in all parts that I know but nothing happens!.

Any suggestion? how can I change the inicial resolution?

Many thanks.

Hey erWilly,

You can change the scalability by going to the ‘Settings’ drop-down menu and selecting ‘Engine Scalability Settings’. There is a resolution scale at the top of this menu, under the quality. You can learn more by looking here:

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Hi Samantha thanks for quick answer, sorry for my lack of english.

I mean the screen resolution. I would like set the resolution to 480x300 pixels when it is open in the web browser.

Hey erWilly,

Here is a pretty well visually guided example on how to change the resolution, hopefully it helps. It is a bit old, but the steps should be approximately the same.

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Hello erWilly,

Firstly, go into your Unreal Projects folder and find your project, open a folder called “Binaries”. There you should find an other folder called “HTML”. Open it and you can find your preject’s .html file. You can open it with Notepad and edit below “div#display_wrapper” the max-width. Also you can go to “<div id=“display_wrapper”>” and under that you can change your height and width settings. You can find and edit a lot of interesting stuff in this .html file, but the disadvantage is that if you rebuild-relaunch your preject your settings will be lost.

Good luck!

Thanks Trelobarbouni, That’s exacty what I’m looking for.