Change public properties of the game mode default pawn class

I have set a pawn to be the default pawn class. It has one public variable and I have also set player start entity. Now the pawn spawns in that player start position. The problem is that I can’t see that variable in the editor, as in World Outliner the default pawns in not visible until you press play button. So how can I control from the editor the variable value?

There are a lot of tricks to controlling things like this. One way is to create an actor you place in the world. You could call it “levelVariables” and create a public variable you can edit when you place it in the world. On the level start, in the level blueprint you can get the actor and get the var you want and then set it in the player pawn. While this is completely unnecessary, when laying out a level or testing things, it can be a lot easier to select and change the variable in the viewport/details panel than switching it in the level blueprint or another actor somewhere else. Eventually, any variable I set here usually ends up set as a default somewhere else. A good use of this is the player start point like you said. If you had an array of these and wanted to test out each point or play from a specific point for testing you could just set the point you want to start at quickly and press play.

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