Change projectile velocity after spawn

When the player is destroyed I want all projectiles to stop moving (not destroy). There are many Set Functions that work, but because projectile movement is a component I can’t seem to get it to work (Trying to use Set Velocity in Local Space).

Here is what I have:

Hey Osok,

What you will want to do is drag off the Array Element of your ForEachLoop and add a Cast To for your spawned projectile. Once you do that, you can drag off the As pin and get your Projectile Movement Component, which you can then drag off of to do a Set Velocity or Set Velocity in Local Space, whichever you need to use. Here’s what the graph would look like:

Hope this helps!


You’re a good man Steve. I will try first thing in the morning. Regards.

hey thanks!

How can I increase initial speed every time I press “h” ?