Change Point Light Color inside Blueprint?

I have a Pointlight as part of a Blueprint class. How do I change the Pointlight color from another Blueprint? If I open the Blueprint definition I see no way to change the Pointlight color or access any properties. What am I missing?

you added your light as a child component, so you have to cast it to your component blueprint, then find in it the light component.

Why you didn’t add a basic light ? the icon will be a light bulb, and not an adult with a child … it will be really easier to modify in your blueprint

It’s strange to see a red x on your child …

Why you didn’t add a basic light ?

I have no good answer for this apart from I was doing the Blueprints 2 tutorial (hat icon top right) and that is what it said to do:

You can see here they made the Point Light a child of the Root Scene Component. As additional challenges they say to make the light flicker in intensity and such. I was testing by trying to change the color which I can’t figure out to do.

What do you mean by “add a basic light” exactly? How is that different from the Point light?

Instead of trying to access the Pointlight properties form another BP, how about even just changing it in the Event BP that the light belongs to? I can’t even see how to do that - when I go to add a function it says something like “Child Actor component is not of the correct type”.

Sorry I am very new to UE4 (just 2 weeks in) and am still learning the very basics, any help appreciated!

if you click on “+ Add Component”, there is a lot of things, and there is your Point light. just start typing “light” and it will appear.

On your first pic, your point light has a “2 characters” icon : this means it’s a child component, probably a blueprint into your blueprint; while on your 2nd pic there is a “bulb light” with your fire light.

when will have a point light as the 2nd pic, you will be able to change all you want in your BP.