Change player character on menu level?

Hi, I have a menu level which is basically just a sun and sky to work as a background with a camera sequence while the menu is on the foreground.

But I just noticed my poor player character is falling into the void somewhere in that level.

How do I change the character for this level to something else like a default pawn, and then change it back again when I load another level?

Create a game mode for the intro level
and a game mode for the main level

Change the default pawn class in the game modes to whatever you want
will spawn different pawns when you open the level.

Set the two game modes in the world settings of the different maps.

If you just open the next map that should be it.

The “Building a Block-Based Game” unreal learning explains most of this at the beginning.

thank you, this works perfectly.

and thanks for the unreal learning tip too!