change pawn/character on level load

I want to load a different player character once a level is loaded. I went through this thread

I ´musing the exact setup as the posted pictures from paingate in post nr. 6. This actually works. But when I put this in my level blueprint triggered by a eventbeginplay it does work but my default pawn is not destroyed. May there is a much simpler way to switch or defined the character class when loading a level I´m not aware of ?

Hi, I might misunderstand you, but if you want to set a default pawn for a game mode, you can do so in the game mode settings (where you define the Player Controller,Player State etc) there is a setting called DefaultPawn. If you set that to None, you can possess other pawns without any issues (or you can define your desired Pawn as default)

Thank You, that works. As soon as I disabled the default pawn the issues are gone.