Change particle size and location after emitted


Is there a way to change the size and location of a particle after it’s been emitted in code?

For example, I want particles to change size in time with music playing in the game.

Hey @ColdBeamGames I’m no expert on particle systems personally but I know you can get each particle individually using the GetParticle(int32 index) function which is on the FParticleEmitterInstance struct. You can get all of the Emitter Instances belonging to a UParticleSystemComponent through an Array in that class called EmitterInstances.

Ah, thanks for that. I’ll take a look. Sounds just like what I need.

So I’ve got this pretty much working now. A note to anyone else trying this: for each attribute of the particle you want to affect, add an ‘initial module’ to your emitter.

E.g. If you want to alter the colour in code add the ‘Initial Color’ module to your emitter. You will also have to remove any modules that change to colour over the life of the particle as these will fight with your code.