Change particle setting from blueprint?

How can i change particle initial velocity from my characterBP.
i have tried this setup shown below. particle system is attached to character successfully but i am not able to change its initial velocity. i just tried few things but i have no idea how can i do that. and how can i use parameter system if thats what i need to use?

please give some guide!

I was able to get this working recently. I’m using a spawn emitter at location instead of attached. I had set a vector parameter to a high speed to get a fast emission. It was not working until I added minimum and maximum ranges +/- 100000 (before it was clamping the values between 0 and 1). I also chose the Distribution Vector Particle Parameter and gave it a name of emitVel so that I could set that parameter value from blueprints.

The setup in Blueprints:


The corresponding initial velocity setup in Cascade:

ah cool, thanks :slight_smile: