Change Particle Parameters in Animation/Persona

Correct me if I am wrong, but from all my google searches and asking around it seems this is not possible unless you do some blueprinting.
which to an extend isnt an issue of course, but it also feels really redundant to make an additional thing just to change a parameter in cascade when its attached to an animation.

For instance, lets say I want to change the color of an effect for a specific animation, I’d either need to make a blueprint for it, or duplicate the effect and change the color.
With Niagara on the horizon, and cascade not being fazed out for the time being, something like this shouldnt be too hard to add right?

There was some talk about a feature request for this in this one answerhub post:…on-notify.html but apparently never came to fruition.
So I’d like to officially request this feature, as it will save many of us vfx artists some time, some headaches, and well… increase our love for the engine tenfold.

Not kidding: I’ll even send a box of “stroopwafels” if you do to sweeten the deal.