Change Orientation of Character Movement

Hello! I’ve been trying to fake “dynamic gravity” for a while.

I am using launch character as my main gravity source, but the problem is that the “Character Movement” the one that checks if I am on the ground, ignores my “Set world rotation 90 degrees”. The character Turns on its side, so does the capsule collision. But I am still controlling the same way, since the character movement apperently does not update.

Please tell me if there is anyway to fix this or if I should just create my own character from scratch. Or if there is another solution (ive heard you can download sourcecode for dynamic gravity somewhere but I dont know any c++ so I try to avoid it)

Thanks for future response!

To my knowledge, there is no way to do this without having to use c++. You could download the source code for unreal engine to compile it yourself, and then use then use this pull request that allows CharacterMovementComponent to have any gravity direction (along with changing the world gravity to the entire engine). You will still need to update the camera rotation and input controls yourself, but it should get you started. There is also another pull request referenced in mine that gives some examples of how to change the input controls.

However, doing that is a daunting task if you don’t experience with coding.