Change Normal Import Method Doesn't Work

When I import a static mesh with the setting set to ‘Import Normals’, sometimes the normals are messed up, and not right. If I do a fresh import with ‘Import Normals and Tangents’ it looks as intended. However, if I change the setting to ‘Import Normals and Tangents’ after already importing as ‘Import Normals’, then right click the mesh and reimport, it doesn’t work, the normals don’t update. It seems to only accept the option ‘Import Normals and Tangents’ if you chose it on a fresh import.

Using 4.13. Tested on a fresh project. Can’t give any examples as I am working on an extreme NDA project.

Hi ,

I see you posted over on the UDN as well. I’ll follow up there if I have any questions and once I’ve run through and tested this.

Once we come to a conclusion there I’ll repost the results here as well. Until then this AnswerHub post will be marked as resolved. I’ll let you know what I find on UDN soon.

Thank you!