Change "negative" frames to frame 0 in Sequencer

Hi all,

Probably a very noob question, but I am working on this animation in Sequencer, and I need to add more frames and action to extend the beginning of the animation with some camera movements. To avoid moving everything else to the right and add more time after frame 0, with the risk of breaking something that I already animated, I would like to simply use the “negative” frames to the left of the 0 frame in Sequencer.

Is there a way to make the 0 frame in one of those “negative” frames? i.e., move the 0 frame to the left to mark the beginning there. The problem is that when I render those frames now as individual jpgs, they play backwards as they have a negative number, and I have to reverse them using a video editor software and then add the sequence after frame 0 and combine both. It is very time consuming this way and maybe there was this option in sequencer to avoid doing this and render everything to frames directly.

Like in the attached example, convert frame -3981 to 0, ie, make it the 0 frame there in that position so I can render everything directly from there.

Many thanks!


Was wondering the same! If anyone comes across this, go to this thread: Sequencer timeline move every keyframe to the right of cursor over. - UE4 AnswerHub