Change Name of Asset in Dataprep

Having a bit of trouble changing the name of an Asset using Dataprep.

As I understand it, I need to make a custom Dataprep Operator in order to do this. In my situation, I need to search all objects by a tag name, then rename them. The renaming them is where this becomes a custom Operator, because I do not think that is built into Dataprep

Any idea of how to do this? Thanks

Yes you are correct, there is no existing operation to rename asset in the visual dataprep.

Usually, as visual dataprep is a sandbox, you should rely mainly on the “dataprep” functions to manipulate asset and actors. Especially if you are creating or removing those objects.

Thus, I was worried the “rename asset” function would not work as expected but it seems to be fine.
Here I made a dataprep operation that will add “_test” suffix to any selected static meshes.


That workaround seems to be working. Thanks