change multiple mesh

please help, im trying to change the mesh of the “sofa_single_blueprint” “sofa_single_blueprint 3” to “stool”
but something wrong because only one sofa is change , please help to correct the blueprint. thanks in advance


youre aware of the fact that the for each loop isnt plugged in? what are you expecting

im familiar with the loop i thought this is the way i can call list of mesh, all i want is to change this two mesh to stool, please correct my blueprint in a correct way. thanks

well if you only want to change this two and not more then you dont need the array and the loop. just plugin the sofas directly to “get static mesh component” -> “set static mesh”

Hello norman5000.
If you just want to swap 2 meshes than there a lot of ways to achieve that. I think one of the easiest way to do it if you are doing it in the level blueprint than this is an example.

I would always try to avoide using inputs in the level blueprint and try to keep all input actions in the player controller and pawn.
Hope this will help you :slight_smile:

Thank you StefanCG. now i can switch my two mesh. and also thanks to MagekPL