Change MoveRight with MoveForward in game

Hi there,

I need to change my character moving direction with camera switch so I was thinking maybe there is a simple way that keeps things working instead of using a Boolean for condition check. If I use condition checking after each InputAxis I need to redo many things.

Thank you for any advice

I dont know how. But I heard of a function that remaps inputs. Maybe that will work?

Hi @mightyenigma, I can’t find something like that. Maybe there isn’t a simple solution here.

Well it depends on what your end goal is.

If you want to move forward in respect to the camera and not the character - take the camera’s forward vector instead of the character forward vector when adding the input vector.

This is a bit of speculation as I don’t really have a clue of what you are trying to achieve. :slight_smile:


Hi @mightyenigma, I can’t find something like that. Maybe there isn’t a simple solution here.

Use “Get Axis Mapping by Name”, “Remove Axis Mapping”, “Make Input Axis Key Mapping” and “Add Axis Mapping” nodes.

Here is a tutorial about Action mapping but Axis mapping is pretty much the same: HTF do I? Blueprint Only Input Re/Mapping in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube

Hello @dZh0. Actually I want to add first person camera to my side scroller character, so when I hold a certain key the camera switch to first person. But when I tried this I thought it would be better to switch MoveRight with MoveForward so player have a better understanding of move direction.
Now the problem is I used MoveRight and MoveForward axis value in different situations and if I want to swap them manually I should track every place that I used them and add some conditions. I know it’s doable but I thought maybe there is a simple switch for buttons.

I see…

Well in this case @mightyenigma 's solution would work better for you.

I have added additional information to my answer.

Thank you for finding that info. I couldn’t remember what those nodes/functions were called.

Sorry, I didn’t receive a mail for this question.
And yes. Its really what I’m looking for. I think I can use them right now. Thank you both for the answers.