Change Mod Directory

Title says it all pretty much

I’ve changed the name of my mod folder and changed the folder structure of it, How do i change it in the cook part of the dev kit, I’d like to use my new mod name and folder structure. I don’t want to have to upload a whole new mod. When i first made the mod i was just planning on doing one mod items but instead of doing multiple mods i just put all my mods in to one, They’re were all in one mod already but due to changing the folder structure and main folder name to make it easier to work with it it’s making me upload a new mod which i do not want to do.

Open the mods.db file in the saved folder in projects for the devkit and change the mod id to the old one. There are several posts about it here in the forums

Oh, sorry about that, i must of been using the wrong search terms when i looked for it. Had no idea it had anything to do with a mods.db file