Change Max height of a Landscape


My Landscape is based on a Heightmap that only has black and white on it ( Because I only need 2 different heights in my game ). When I imported the heightmap I set the Z scale of my landscape to 7 because that was the perfect height for my “white” parts. Now I want to make some mountains on top of that but since the max height is 7 I can’t do that. I tried changing the scale but when I do that the landscape automatically also raises to the max scale. Can I change the Z scale without the landscape scaling too?


Hmm, I use heightMaps for my landscapes but haven’t encountered this. I would recommend simply NOT making your height map black and white. That might be too, um black and white for your needs. Think of it like displacement mapping, when you go all black and white, there is no room for variation.

You can use two different tones of gray (neither black or white) and then scale still, but think about the variation you’re going for.

Come to think of it, this isn’t really a good use for heightMap. Height map is really about getting realistic variation and more realistic map that is hard to replicate without doing a lot of sculpting, and even that you have to have a knack for sculpting.

If you want to make something simple, just use a hard edge brush to sculpt the two different heights you want and then go back into it when you block it in, and ditch the heightMap.

Yes I thought about it too, but that would mean to completly remake my Level. Therfore I asked here if theres an other solution but I guess I have to redo all of it.

I tried doing it with hard edge brushes but my Level must be perfetly symmetric and that is just to hard to do with sculpting.

Edit your heightmap, turn white areas to gray, reimport, increase scale even further, then you should have the same height as before plus some space for sculpting at the top. How much to change the color and how much to increase Z-scale depends on how much extra space you need.